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Packaging service

The re-it packaging service

for RAM and processors

RAM and processors are very sensitive IT hardware components and will be damaged quickly if they are not packed with enough protection and distance from other components for shipping.

re-it offers special plastic trays with its packaging service in which the RAM and processors can be securely packed piece by piece. Several RAMs / processors can be sorted individually into each tray. This ensures safe protection against damage caused by mechanical friction or tumbling around, for example.

We offer you the option of selecting our packaging service after configuring your RAM / processors. If you select this service, we will send you the trays immediately after you have sent us your sales offer so that you can use them as quickly as possible to send your components to us. The number of trays we send you depends on the amount of RAM / processors you want to sell to us.


Choice of packaging service

As soon as you have completed your configuration, enter the number of RAMs or processors you would like to sell to us and click on "Add to shipping box". Your shipping box will be displayed immediately. To use the packaging service, go back out of the shipping box overview and back to the configuration page. Then select the re-it packaging service below and click on "Add to shipping box".

Please note: Please only select the re-it packaging service once. We will send you enough trays according to the number of pieces you offer to us.

The re-it packaging service costs a flat rate of 5 € for customers from Germany 10 € for customers from Austria and 15 € for customers from EU countries. This amount will be automatically deducted from your payout value when you select the re-it packaging service


 arbeitsspeicher-tray Tray for RAM modules 



prozessoren-tray Tray for processors