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Intel Xeon-X5677 SLBV9 3,46GHz LGA1366 Processor

Intel Xeon-X5677 SLBV9 3,46GHz LGA1366 Processor sell quickly and easily online!

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Gulftown or Westmere-EP is the codename of an Intel processor that was released in March 2010. The processors with Gulftown architecture are the first native six-core processors (hexa-core) from Intel. Since this is produced in the 32 nm manufacturing process, Intel assigns it, just like the Clarkdale, to the Westmere generation.


Main data
Model Xeon-X5677
S-Spec SLBV9
Socket LGA 1366
Base clock frequency of the processor 3,46 GHz
Power dissipation (TDP) 130 Watt

Secondary data
Number of cores 4
Number of threads 8
Processor graphics -
Base clock frequency -
Intel Xeon-X5677 SLBV9 3,46GHz LGA1366 Processor
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