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Intel Core i7-975XE SLBEQ 3,33GHz LGA1366 Processor

Intel Core i7-975XE SLBEQ 3,33GHz LGA1366 Processor sell quickly and easily online!

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Bloomfield is the codename for Intel high-end desktop processors sold as Core i7-9xx and single processor servers sold as Xeon 35xx. As the first Intel processor for the desktop market, the Bloomfield has the memory controller integrated directly on the chip, as AMD has done since the processors based on the K8 architecture. The processor has three memory channels through which three identical memory modules each can be used in parallel, similar to the previously common dual-channel mode; however, it is also possible to use only two of the channels.


Main data
Model i7-975XE
Socket LGA 1366
Base clock frequency of the processor

3,33 GHz

Power dissipation (TDP) 130 Watt

Secondary data
Number of cores 4
Number of threads 8
Processor graphics -
Base clock frequency -
Intel Core i7-975XE SLBEQ 3,33GHz LGA1366 Processor
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