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Intel Core i7-7820X SR3L5 3,60GHz LGA2066 Processor

Intel Core i7-7820X SR3L5 3,60GHz LGA2066 Processor sell quickly and easily online!

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Kaby Lake is the codename for the "seventh generation" of Intel Core processors, which was introduced as the successor to the Skylake architecture in August 2016. Kaby Lake is the first Intel platform on which there is no official driver support for Windows versions older than Windows 10. With Kaby Lake, a little bit of the turbo clock function has been raised and improved, resulting in a slight performance improvement of 15 to 25 percent for notebook processors.


Main data
Model i7-7820X
S-Spec SR3L5
Socket LGA 2066
Base clock frequency of the processor 3,60 GHz
Power dissipation (TDP) 140 Watt

Secondary data
Number of cores 8
Number of threads 16
Processor graphics -
Base clock frequency -
Intel Core i7-7820X SR3L5 3,60GHz LGA2066 Processor
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